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Credit Restoration

Trying to Rebuild Your Credit?

After filing for bankruptcy, an important last step is ensuring that your credit is restored to a favorable number. While bankruptcy will stay on your credit score anywhere from two to eight years, you can begin rebuilding your credit and increasing it to an acceptable number immediately after filing.

At Haven Law Group P.C., we stand ready to provide our clients with not only dedicated bankruptcy counsel but also with an effective plan to help them reach a decent credit score in a short amount of time. When you work with our firm, we will enroll you, free of charge, in our credit restoration program that may help you reach a credit score within the 700 range in as little as 6 months.

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Your Unique Opportunity to Raise Your Score for Free!

Our firm works exclusively with to help our clients regain control of their financial situations. When most clients approach our firm, they are often nervous about filing for bankruptcy and how it will change their credit scores, but once they leave our office, they feel confident that all that can be done to help them is being done and they can pursue achieving a good credit score again.

After we assist you in filing for bankruptcy, we will enroll you in our high-quality credit rebuilding program. Here's a brief synopsis of the program.

  • takes place over 14 weeks
  • walks you through each and every step of the credit rebuilding process
  • tailored specifically for yo
  • optimizes your credit picture based on tried-and-true scientific information

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When you work with the team at our firm, you can rest assured that your case will be in good hands. We are proud to offer 14 years of legal experience to our clients and we are dedicated to ensuring that they receive a positive outcomes for their cases. At our firm, we understand that becoming debt free and rebuilding your credit are both important to you, which is why we provide our trusted credit restoration program.

Unlike other bankruptcy firms who will simply assist you in filing for bankruptcy, we will walk you all the way through the end of the bankruptcy case and then guide you toward a positive future by helping you restore your credit score. If you have questions about your particular situation, do not hesitate to work with Haven Law Group P.C. today by contacting our Hampton bankruptcy lawyers and scheduling a free case evaluation.

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