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Bankruptcy Attorneys in Newport News

Are you thinking about filing for bankruptcy? Let Haven Law Group P.C. skillfully guide you through the process. As experienced bankruptcy lawyers, we can thoroughly analyze your financial situation and advise you of the best course of action, whether bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy. Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve financial freedom by getting rid of your debt and restoring your credit.

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The Advantages of Working with Our Team

When you work with Haven Law Group P.C., you will be acquiring a team with a number of unique qualifications:

  • We have helped thousands of clients with their debt problems, saving their homes and stopping wage garnishment & repossessions.
  • Our lawyers have extensive experience and hold membership in the Tidewater Bankruptcy Bar Association.
  • We offer affordable prices for our services, beginning with a free consultation.
  • We can assist clients in four different jurisdictions, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Florida, and Georgia.
  • Our priority is achieving a positive resolution in a timely manner on your behalf .
  • We also care about our clients' future and help them repair their credit for free using our exclusive program.

Is bankruptcy right for you?

There are many benefits to filing for bankruptcy and it is specifically designed to help debtors get a fresh start on life. Bankruptcy can stop all creditor action on your assets, including wage garnishment, repossession, and foreclosure. After the process is complete, your debts will be discharged and you can begin working on rebuilding your credit!

If you file for bankruptcy with our firm, we can help you obtain a 700-range score within months by using This is service that not many other firms will offer and we are proud to provide this service absolutely free!

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Take action today. Call our office or submit an online case evaluation form to begin working with our firm. We will take the time to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have with moving forward. In our 14 years of practice, we have successfully assisted countless clients who are now debt-free!

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