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Understanding the Benefits to Bankruptcy Bankruptcy doesn't always have to be the "Big Bad Wolf",

Benefits of Bankruptcy

Hampton Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains What You Can Gain from the Process

The word "bankruptcy" alone can conjure feelings of anxiety and stress, and many people associate bankruptcy with negativity; but did you know that there are actually many benefits to bankruptcy? When you or your family consider filing for bankruptcy, it is important that you contact an attorney from Haven Law Group P.C. right away. Our firm is proud to provide Hampton-area clients with 25 years of legal experience, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you understand the bankruptcy process and the positive effect that filing can have on your financial situation.

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Over the years, our firm has had the privilege of meeting thousands of very good, honest and hard-working people who have run into financial difficulties. At Haven Law Group P.C., we do not judge people simply because they need to file bankruptcy - in fact, families, companies, corporations, wealthy and poor individuals alike file for bankruptcy each and every day.

By choosing to file for bankruptcy, you are taking the first step to financial stability. Bankruptcy can assist you in the following ways:

  • Stop creditors from harassing you and trying to make collection attempts. The endless phone calls, letters and debt collections are required to stop the moment you file for bankruptcy.
  • Wage garnishments that are against you and your salary will cease. Paychecks and bank accounts that are being garnished or about to be garnished will be stopped. In fact, people get money back from garnishments in most cases.
  • If your car loan lenders are seeking your car for repossession because of delayed payments, filing for bankruptcy will stop the repossession. If a car has been repossessed in the last two weeks, filing for a Chapter 13 may help recover the car.
  • Bankruptcy can stop foreclosure or put a halt on the foreclosure sale if it is already taking place.
  • Strip second mortgages, liens or lines of equity. If there is absolutely no equity in your home after you subtract the first mortgage balance from the value of your home, bankruptcy allows you to strip the second lien.
  • After debt is discharged from bankruptcy, a person who has had their driver's license stripped from them for not having insurance may be able to regain their license.
  • Most importantly, bankruptcy can provide you with peace of mind.

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Many people struggle with the concept of filing for bankruptcy because they feel that it is wrong or that they have failed to properly provide for themselves and their families. Not only can Haven Law Group P.C. show you why this could not be further from the truth, but we can help you increase your quality of life once the stress of creditor harassment and debts ceases. With the guidance of our dedicated team, you can begin to rebuild your credit and move forward with your life.

Contact Haven Law Group P.C.

When you work with Haven Law Group P.C., we provide you with trusted representation and legal counsel to help you get through this financial hardship. The moment you contact our firm, we will take a personalized approach to your case to ensure that your rights are retained and you are able to move forward with your life as soon as possible.

If you have questions about your financial situation or you are interested in learning whether you qualify to file for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, contact Haven Law Group P.C. today and schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.

Things We Offer You

  • We have helped thousands of clients file for bankruptcy.

  • We ensure that clients reach an amicable resolution in a short amount of time.

  • Our lawyers are all active members of the Tidewater Bankruptcy Bar Association.

  • We handle bankruptcy cases and help get clients back on a track to financial freedom.

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